Fully Automatic Folder Gluer

Fully Automatic Folder Gluer - Cosmo Shuoqi

Whole Machine Features: Fully automatic gluing and folding machine and it consist of vacuum adsorption feeding part, gluing and folding part and stacking and counter part. It adopts frequency to change speed and controlled by standard PLC touch screen, easy operation and reliable, the average speed can up to 150 sheets/min. High speed and energy saving and save labor.

Feeding Part

  1. It can suitable for bend cardboard after adjusting height of cardboard feeding.
  2. The electromagnetism clutch in high quality, it can make the feeding part control paper inside alone and easy operation and reliable.
  3. Pressing line wheel is adjusting; the thickness of cardboard can be 2-8mm.
  4. It is with twice creasing structure; it can process the cardboard in low quality.

Apply gluing and folding part

  1. It is easy and controllable device to control gluing amount and clean easily.
  2. Stainless gluing wheel, apply gluing evenly and save gluing amount.
  3. It adopts imported durable rubber and feeding cardboard by belt.
  4. It is with correction and pressing line device and adjustable pressing line wheel.

Packing and output part

  1. Principle of count to stacking is easy and reliable.
  2. It is controlled by digital and easy operation, keep working to input data, count automatically and output accurate.
  3. It has function and correction tolerance and the tolerance can be adjustable.
  4. Output counter adopts pneumatic and accurate movement and fast.
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