Single Knife Cutting Machine

single knife cutting machine - cosmo shuoqi

Product Description:

  1. High precision cutting average is 1mm (traditional belt + cutting is 3mm) and acceleration and deceleration doesn’t affect cutting precision, output stability, saving production cost.
  2. When you want change the cutting length and number, the machine will automatically adjust output, it can product the length specification what we need without test linear dimension, save time and reduce the waste of debugging the cutting length.
  3. Friendly man machine interface most of the actions directives are operate in the touch screen, operators can quickly start with the concise operation panel. It doesn’t need manual detection when the machine run, effective conservation staff.
  4. Orders has been bult in, can enter length and number. Cardboard cut the same length can append number, optimize order management, reduce operation repetitive and error rate.
  5. When set to the number of stops, QZSF will automatically shut down in accordance with set number of sheets, with the cylindrical hollow tube type knife, rotating inertia, test response, reduce waste due to start a pit stop paper.. When set to the number of non-stop the cutter into the state of artificial points, that is to str number of sheets will continue to work until the manual intervention so far.
  6. Maximum speed: 120m/min (according to the quality and length of the paper)
  7. Economy speed: 0-100/min
  8. Economy speed: 300mm-90000mm
  9. Cutting precision: 0.5mm-1.0mm
  10. Floor space length 3m width 2.5m height 5m
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Two Layer Gluing Machine

two layer gluing machine - cosmo shuoqi

Product Description:

  1. Design speed: 120m/min.
  2. Special anilox carved on the gluing roller. Hard chrome plating and coating evenly and save glue.
  3. Gluing roller drives is controlled by frequency motor and equipment controlled by frequency equipment is to make line speed of gluing machine matched with single facer and working independently.
  4. The glue amount which digital show is adjusted electrically or amount of apply glue is adjusted manually.
  5. Pressing paper roller adopt lift pneumatically and the gape is adjusted electrically.
  6. Apply glue automatically cycle and control amount of glue to ensure prefect shape and saving glue and avoid paste precipitation.
  7. Pressure style choose pressure roller or flexible pressure rod.
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Auto Stitching Machine

auto stitching machine - cosmo shuoqi

Product Description

  1. Suitable for stitching single face cartons with 3,5 or 7 layers.
  2. Screw pitch range: 50-90 mm.
  3. Stitching head speed: 1000-1200 nail/minute.
  4. Automatic feeding, gluing, folding, correction, counting, stacking and output.
  5. Servo control of correction and nail punching. Nail Punching Angle: 45.
  6. Single nail and double nails can be adjusted freely. Suitable for 17# and 18# nail with international standard.
  7. Stitching head working method: oscillation.
  8. Optional: Gluing function.
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Pressing type Folding Gluing Machine

Pressing type folding gluing machine

Function and Special features

The pressing type folder gluer is a new product developed according to the client small and medium order. It is small and easy in operation so that it is an ideal product for the small quantity production and order changes.

It is applicable to a wide range of boxes like the normal type box or the irregular color single sheet forming box. It saves the glue which consumption is only 1/3 of the manual gluing. It saves the labors as well. It is max speed is 56m/m which is 3-4 times faster then the manual operation. It is strong in pasting and is neat without glue overflowing. The patent double head polishing instrument will remove the UV optical film or the coated plaster layer of the gluing place so that it may make the gluing stronger and prevent the boxes from opening in some seasons.

It adopts the manual folding which not only improve the efficiency but also suitable for the following products: the box scoring is not straight which is hard to work on the auto folding gluer, the special irregular box and the box with the window etc.

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