High-Speed Printing Rotary Die Cutting with Slotting Machine

high speed printing rotary die cutting with slotting machine - cosmo shuoqi

Whole Machine Introduction:

  • The whole machine is designed according to a high specification. It is based on human and machine consistent principle, it is an easy operation and conveniently maintain and long life. It is a cost effective product with multi-protect function.
  • Make machine and human conversation by touch screen and retain electrical control system. It returns zero automatically and reset automatically and store order.
  • Human control machine by computer PLC controller. Frequency inverter all choose a famous brand from all over the world.
  • Main driving gear material adopts excellent alloy steel (20CrMnTi) processing by many ways process to be a shaped. The hardness of gear surface after fine grinding and high-frequency quenching can up to HRC-60 to ensure transmission perfectly for a long time.
  • All spare parts like rollers and shaft are heavy matched test by static and dynamic balance. Ensure stable and reliable when high speed working. Roller surface is hard chrome plating protective layer.
  • All rollers adopt keyless connect to avoid gap from transmission connection and keep good printing chromatograph.
  • Transmission lubricating system adopts spray splash avoiding advice and cycling automatically.
  • Vacuum adsorption feeding to avoid feeding roller wheel damage pattern on the printing plate and ensure exact accurate overprint.
  • You can choose sealed chamber with double knife system.

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Vacuum Adsorption Single facer

vacuum adsorption single facer - cosmo shuoqi


  1. SF320S design speed: 120m/min, Economic speed: 100m/min.
  2. SF360S design speed: 150m/min, Economic speed: 120m/min.
  3. Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm.
  4. Corrugated roller: ø320 (ø360)mm.
  5. Driving speed-reduce box adopts immersion oil lubricating, low noise, gimbal transmission, isolated power source.
  6. Upper roller, pressure roller, gluing roller lift can be controlled by pneumatically.
  7. Feeding paper adopts vacuum adsorption with air volume device and keep stable corrugated roller style when in high speed.
  8. Shaft of corrugated roller and pressure roller adopts grease lubricating.
  9. Gluing part adopts automatically circulation applying glue.
  10. Upper and lower roller adopts 52CrMo excellent alloy steel and heat processing; hardness is HRC58° – 60° degree after grinding.
  11. The surface of gluing roller is anilox engraving and chrome-plate.
  12. Compartment gluing device is manual or electrical.
  13. The gluing part can be moving independently or not when stop machine, main motor frequency control.
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Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

hydraulic mill roll stand - cosmo shuoqi


  1. It adopts symmetrical double roller with four arms structure.
  2. Transmission pneumatic style to make cardboard clamping and lifting and correcting.
  3. Top adopts expand chuck and to save paper. At the end of top adopts advanced film cylinder with pneumatic brake devise or tension driving motor manually.
  4. Support base paper width is 900mm – 2550mm, support base paper diameter is 1500mm.
  5. Supporting weight: 5T.
  6. You can choose heavy style full hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand and the width of base paper is 2000-3000mm.
  7. Diameter of base paper is ø 1500mm.
  8. Adjusted pneumatically.
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Single Knife Cutting Machine

single knife cutting machine - cosmo shuoqi

Product Description:

  1. High precision cutting average is 1mm (traditional belt + cutting is 3mm) and acceleration and deceleration doesn’t affect cutting precision, output stability, saving production cost.
  2. When you want change the cutting length and number, the machine will automatically adjust output, it can product the length specification what we need without test linear dimension, save time and reduce the waste of debugging the cutting length.
  3. Friendly man machine interface most of the actions directives are operate in the touch screen, operators can quickly start with the concise operation panel. It doesn’t need manual detection when the machine run, effective conservation staff.
  4. Orders has been bult in, can enter length and number. Cardboard cut the same length can append number, optimize order management, reduce operation repetitive and error rate.
  5. When set to the number of stops, QZSF will automatically shut down in accordance with set number of sheets, with the cylindrical hollow tube type knife, rotating inertia, test response, reduce waste due to start a pit stop paper.. When set to the number of non-stop the cutter into the state of artificial points, that is to str number of sheets will continue to work until the manual intervention so far.
  6. Maximum speed: 120m/min (according to the quality and length of the paper)
  7. Economy speed: 0-100/min
  8. Economy speed: 300mm-90000mm
  9. Cutting precision: 0.5mm-1.0mm
  10. Floor space length 3m width 2.5m height 5m
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Double Roller-Single Facer Machine

double roller single facer machine - cosmo shuoqi

Main Features:

  • Design speed: 180m/min.
  • Economic speed: 140m/min.
  • Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm.
  • Main roller: 380mm (different roller type), Pressure roller: 385mm, Pre-heating roller: 400mm.
  • There are two groups of corrugated rollers on machine, when working you can choose one of them, the other one is to pre-heat to change corrugated type.
  • It takes small space (other machine like this machine need two single facer machine and take large space).
  • This machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen show the data and easy operation.
  • Vacuum adsorption single facer machine, upper and lower roller adopts excellent alloy steel by heat processing, hardness is HRC580 – 600, surface is grinding and hard chrome plating or adopts Tungsten Carbon Corrugated Roll.
  • Independent driving box 5 shafts transmission. Hard gear, low noise, working stable and the gear has long life.
  • The gluing thickness is adjusted by push rod electrically.
  • Corrugated roller and pressure roller lift lower and upper by hydraulic control, stable working pressure.
  • Corrugated paper be with wet device by steam adjust.
  • This machine is suitable for single facer production line (with two type corrugated roller) if 5-ply production line adopts two SF-380T, it equals 4 corrugated rollers and it has big market competition.
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Full Auto Die-Cutting Machine

Auto die cutting machine

Uses and Features:
1. It adopts PLC controls, Perfect protection function, Reliable control.2. LCD touch screen can make the human and machine talk directly.
3. Soft roller repair structure, It can improve rubber using rate, It can repair 3-4 times.
4. Compensate automatically with limited speed and ensure the size of die-cutting is consistent.
5. The die-cutting roller is alloy steel in high quality, Wall thickness is 30mm, Balanced correction and hard chrome.
6. Wall plate is excellent cast iron, Thickness is 50mm, It is made by large processing center.
7. The polyurethane rubber pad is from American CUE, Install conveniently, It can die-cutting 12000000 times.
8. Soft roller can be moved right and left 40mm automatically, rubber wore is even.
9. Six grades is excellent grinding, It adopts 40Cr material low noise and long using life.
10 Die-cutting roller is with auto separate device and reduce rubber wearing.

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Rotary Slotting Machine

Rotary Slotting Machine.

Main Features:

1. It adopts press line in ahead and slotting in behind, it is convenient to clean scraps of paper and adjust and change fast.

2. Phase adjustment electrically, it is adjusted 360 degree digitally and it show on the dial, it is adjustable when working and stop and improve working efficiency.

3. Slotting and Cutting part:
a. The adjustment for knife seat of slotting before the cardboard go in the knife seat, to make sure the axial distance between knife seat.

b. Install the slotting and cutting knife. To make the cutter head, consistently, it has two knifes on the cutter head, one is fixed on sign “0”, the other to adjust axial position as to box height, the head of the blade need to be opposite and towards center of cardboard

c. Install cutting knife. The knife seat is installed on the cutter head. First, open the fixed bolt, adjust driving shaft manually, check knife installation is suitable or not, finally fixed bolt.

4. Cutting and creasing part. Cutting knife and creasing module is installed on the upper and lower shaft, to make sure the distance and position as to cardboard specification and then fix knife seat and the iron wire on the module.

5. Counter device automatically and can control production amount.

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Semi automatic folder gluer

Semi Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

Uses and Features:
It suitable to paste for all kinds of sheets and corrugated cardboard with easy operation and no need experience, be fast to change carton height and width within 1 min, Min. Pasting size is 260mm, it is perfect machine for carton factory.

Semi Automatic Folder Gluer

Main Structures:
This machine consists of main frame and 2 feeding frame.
Main frame: machine frame, lift working table. Feeding device and correction device in ahead, feeding device and pressure device in middle, output device and electrical equipment control device in side.

This machine of electrical equipment is imported, Siemens electric, OMRON photoelectric switch, the counter from Japan Dongqi, mains switch from Taiwan Mingwei, gluing head adopts alloy steel, acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, long use life, motor is from Taiwan Shengbang but fan and lift motor.

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Corrugated Box Making Machines

Boxes are widely used in the logistic & packaging industries. These are used in order to pack the items & commodities so that these can easily be transported from one place to another. The main advantage of packing items in these boxes is that it protects them from getting any harm or damage. They get protection from rubbing or touching while transportation. The other thing is that these boxes are eco-friendly & produce no adverse effect on the environment.

Corrugated machines are used in order to make these boxes. These machines are widely employed for the purpose of manufacturing a wide array of boxes. Industries need boxes in different shapes & sizes to pack different commodities. So, in order to cater the varied requirement of the industries, these machines are used. The leading brands are offering their machines in various configurations in the market. These are perfectly developed so as to meet the exact requirements of the industries.

Working Principle: Corrugated box making machines work on a very simple principle. The main assembly of these machines comprises of four compartments. These are the input unit, printing unit, slotting unit & folding unit. In the input unit, sheets are fed. Here these sheets are oriented in the uniform manner. In the next unit, that is the printing unit, designs get imprinted on the sheets. There are various industries that need boxes with their brand name & logo to transport & pack their goods. This action takes place inside the printing unit. After printing unit, sheets are passed into the slotting unit. In this, proper cutting of the edges takes place so that proper orientation can be provided. At the last stage, the folding is provided in order to make boxes of proper shape. This process takes place in the folding unit. After that, proper pasting is provided in order to offer durability & reliability to the boxes.

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