Computerized Thin Blade for Production Line



  1. Design speed: 120m/min
  2. Effective width: 1400-2200mm
  3. Length of paper-cutting 500-9999mm; precision of paper-cutting ± 1mm
  4. Computer stock several groups’ order, human can control the machine by touch screen, the screen show all production information; you can consult, correct, add and cancel.
  5. It adopts high quality servo motor and advanced servo driver imported Germany.
  6. Transmission system adopts oil pump and cycling lubrication automatically.
  7. Gears are high precision and adjustable to ensure blade accurate and perfect.
  8. Single Corrugated paper receiving machine: Max Stacking height 2000mm, Max. Stacking length 1800mm design speed 100m/min.
  9. The cardboard after cutting is delivered out from two sides by transmission device, it can improve working efficiency and easy to stack.
  10. It is suitable for large and medium enterprise which making color carton box.

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