High-Speed Printing Rotary Die Cutting with Slotting Machine

high speed printing rotary die cutting with slotting machine - cosmo shuoqi

Whole Machine Introduction:

  • The whole machine is designed according to a high specification. It is based on human and machine consistent principle, it is an easy operation and conveniently maintain and long life. It is a cost effective product with multi-protect function.
  • Make machine and human conversation by touch screen and retain electrical control system. It returns zero automatically and reset automatically and store order.
  • Human control machine by computer PLC controller. Frequency inverter all choose a famous brand from all over the world.
  • Main driving gear material adopts excellent alloy steel (20CrMnTi) processing by many ways process to be a shaped. The hardness of gear surface after fine grinding and high-frequency quenching can up to HRC-60 to ensure transmission perfectly for a long time.
  • All spare parts like rollers and shaft are heavy matched test by static and dynamic balance. Ensure stable and reliable when high speed working. Roller surface is hard chrome plating protective layer.
  • All rollers adopt keyless connect to avoid gap from transmission connection and keep good printing chromatograph.
  • Transmission lubricating system adopts spray splash avoiding advice and cycling automatically.
  • Vacuum adsorption feeding to avoid feeding roller wheel damage pattern on the printing plate and ensure exact accurate overprint.
  • You can choose sealed chamber with double knife system.

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Vacuum Adsorption Single facer

vacuum adsorption single facer - cosmo shuoqi


  1. SF320S design speed: 120m/min, Economic speed: 100m/min.
  2. SF360S design speed: 150m/min, Economic speed: 120m/min.
  3. Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm.
  4. Corrugated roller: ø320 (ø360)mm.
  5. Driving speed-reduce box adopts immersion oil lubricating, low noise, gimbal transmission, isolated power source.
  6. Upper roller, pressure roller, gluing roller lift can be controlled by pneumatically.
  7. Feeding paper adopts vacuum adsorption with air volume device and keep stable corrugated roller style when in high speed.
  8. Shaft of corrugated roller and pressure roller adopts grease lubricating.
  9. Gluing part adopts automatically circulation applying glue.
  10. Upper and lower roller adopts 52CrMo excellent alloy steel and heat processing; hardness is HRC58° – 60° degree after grinding.
  11. The surface of gluing roller is anilox engraving and chrome-plate.
  12. Compartment gluing device is manual or electrical.
  13. The gluing part can be moving independently or not when stop machine, main motor frequency control.
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Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

hydraulic mill roll stand - cosmo shuoqi


  1. It adopts symmetrical double roller with four arms structure.
  2. Transmission pneumatic style to make cardboard clamping and lifting and correcting.
  3. Top adopts expand chuck and to save paper. At the end of top adopts advanced film cylinder with pneumatic brake devise or tension driving motor manually.
  4. Support base paper width is 900mm – 2550mm, support base paper diameter is 1500mm.
  5. Supporting weight: 5T.
  6. You can choose heavy style full hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand and the width of base paper is 2000-3000mm.
  7. Diameter of base paper is ø 1500mm.
  8. Adjusted pneumatically.
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Fully Automatic Folder Gluer

Fully Automatic Folder Gluer - Cosmo Shuoqi

Whole Machine Features: Fully automatic gluing and folding machine and it consist of vacuum adsorption feeding part, gluing and folding part and stacking and counter part. It adopts frequency to change speed and controlled by standard PLC touch screen, easy operation and reliable, the average speed can up to 150 sheets/min. High speed and energy saving and save labor.

Feeding Part

  1. It can suitable for bend cardboard after adjusting height of cardboard feeding.
  2. The electromagnetism clutch in high quality, it can make the feeding part control paper inside alone and easy operation and reliable.
  3. Pressing line wheel is adjusting; the thickness of cardboard can be 2-8mm.
  4. It is with twice creasing structure; it can process the cardboard in low quality.

Apply gluing and folding part

  1. It is easy and controllable device to control gluing amount and clean easily.
  2. Stainless gluing wheel, apply gluing evenly and save gluing amount.
  3. It adopts imported durable rubber and feeding cardboard by belt.
  4. It is with correction and pressing line device and adjustable pressing line wheel.

Packing and output part

  1. Principle of count to stacking is easy and reliable.
  2. It is controlled by digital and easy operation, keep working to input data, count automatically and output accurate.
  3. It has function and correction tolerance and the tolerance can be adjustable.
  4. Output counter adopts pneumatic and accurate movement and fast.
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Two Layer Gluing Machine

two layer gluing machine - cosmo shuoqi

Product Description:

  1. Design speed: 120m/min.
  2. Special anilox carved on the gluing roller. Hard chrome plating and coating evenly and save glue.
  3. Gluing roller drives is controlled by frequency motor and equipment controlled by frequency equipment is to make line speed of gluing machine matched with single facer and working independently.
  4. The glue amount which digital show is adjusted electrically or amount of apply glue is adjusted manually.
  5. Pressing paper roller adopt lift pneumatically and the gape is adjusted electrically.
  6. Apply glue automatically cycle and control amount of glue to ensure prefect shape and saving glue and avoid paste precipitation.
  7. Pressure style choose pressure roller or flexible pressure rod.
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Pressing type Folding Gluing Machine

Pressing type folding gluing machine

Function and Special features

The pressing type folder gluer is a new product developed according to the client small and medium order. It is small and easy in operation so that it is an ideal product for the small quantity production and order changes.

It is applicable to a wide range of boxes like the normal type box or the irregular color single sheet forming box. It saves the glue which consumption is only 1/3 of the manual gluing. It saves the labors as well. It is max speed is 56m/m which is 3-4 times faster then the manual operation. It is strong in pasting and is neat without glue overflowing. The patent double head polishing instrument will remove the UV optical film or the coated plaster layer of the gluing place so that it may make the gluing stronger and prevent the boxes from opening in some seasons.

It adopts the manual folding which not only improve the efficiency but also suitable for the following products: the box scoring is not straight which is hard to work on the auto folding gluer, the special irregular box and the box with the window etc.

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Printer Slotter Machine

printer slotter machine - cosmo shuoqiFlexo Printing Machine with rotary slotting / die cutting machine which increased the efficiency of the corrugated box plant by decreasing the number of operation required to make corrugated box. In conventional plant, the printing, rotary and slotting operating are done separately but in this machine all the operation are done simultaneously.

The Machine is available in various size, speed and printing quality and can be supplied according to requirement of customers. User can provide the samples to be printed and we can suggest the right machine.

Printing Rotary Die-Cutting With Slotting Machine.
This machine is used for the printing and Carton making operation together. This machine is available in single / two / there and four color versions. One can opt of no of color depending upon need. The machine has option to choose, slotting unit, die cutting unit or bit units. All units are placed on track where they can be moved electrically for easy job change in machine. In the nutshell both printing and box making operations are done simultaneously leading to cost saving and better quality product.

Used and characteristics:
1. Semi-automatic chain-feeding paper, double side check plate positioning, ensure accuracy of feeding and printing.
2. CAD modular design can be arbitrable combination, single, double and multiple color.
3. Motorized detachment and combination, pneumatic locking and loosening, alarm and lamp promotion can improve safety of operation.
4. The inker roller automatically break away from printing plate to protect printing surface in case of machine shutdown.
5. Spontaneous-suction ink device can control alone auto idling circulation of reticulate roll to prevent ink from being dried with auto cleaning.
6. All the rolls and shafts are hard-chrome plated.
7. The printing plate adopt plate-hanging devices, which can be adjusted quickly in axial direction to make pasting easier and time & labor saving.
8. Slotting part of printing adopt quick phasing 360* regulation, digital display, the slotting part is electrical phase adjustment to improve efficiency.
9. Automatic counting device are adopted which can control the production.
10. The knife for slotting and slicing corner are specially designed and processed with long life service.

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