Auto Stitching Machine

auto stitching machine - cosmo shuoqi

Product Description

  1. Suitable for stitching single face cartons with 3,5 or 7 layers.
  2. Screw pitch range: 50-90 mm.
  3. Stitching head speed: 1000-1200 nail/minute.
  4. Automatic feeding, gluing, folding, correction, counting, stacking and output.
  5. Servo control of correction and nail punching. Nail Punching Angle: 45.
  6. Single nail and double nails can be adjusted freely. Suitable for 17# and 18# nail with international standard.
  7. Stitching head working method: oscillation.
  8. Optional: Gluing function.
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Double Roller-Single Facer Machine

double roller single facer machine - cosmo shuoqi

Main Features:

  • Design speed: 180m/min.
  • Economic speed: 140m/min.
  • Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm.
  • Main roller: 380mm (different roller type), Pressure roller: 385mm, Pre-heating roller: 400mm.
  • There are two groups of corrugated rollers on machine, when working you can choose one of them, the other one is to pre-heat to change corrugated type.
  • It takes small space (other machine like this machine need two single facer machine and take large space).
  • This machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen show the data and easy operation.
  • Vacuum adsorption single facer machine, upper and lower roller adopts excellent alloy steel by heat processing, hardness is HRC580 – 600, surface is grinding and hard chrome plating or adopts Tungsten Carbon Corrugated Roll.
  • Independent driving box 5 shafts transmission. Hard gear, low noise, working stable and the gear has long life.
  • The gluing thickness is adjusted by push rod electrically.
  • Corrugated roller and pressure roller lift lower and upper by hydraulic control, stable working pressure.
  • Corrugated paper be with wet device by steam adjust.
  • This machine is suitable for single facer production line (with two type corrugated roller) if 5-ply production line adopts two SF-380T, it equals 4 corrugated rollers and it has big market competition.
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Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

shaftless roll stand - cosmo shuoqi

Shaftless Mill Roll Stand:

  1. Round – plate type manual brake, the paper tension can be adjusted at any time.
  2. Arm clamp and rotary structure set fixed torque clutch, operate safety.
  3. The structure is double rotary shaft with four arms. Support two paper mill rolls on both arms at the same time.


Specifications - Cosmo Shuoqi

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Pressing type Folding Gluing Machine

Pressing type folding gluing machine

Function and Special features

The pressing type folder gluer is a new product developed according to the client small and medium order. It is small and easy in operation so that it is an ideal product for the small quantity production and order changes.

It is applicable to a wide range of boxes like the normal type box or the irregular color single sheet forming box. It saves the glue which consumption is only 1/3 of the manual gluing. It saves the labors as well. It is max speed is 56m/m which is 3-4 times faster then the manual operation. It is strong in pasting and is neat without glue overflowing. The patent double head polishing instrument will remove the UV optical film or the coated plaster layer of the gluing place so that it may make the gluing stronger and prevent the boxes from opening in some seasons.

It adopts the manual folding which not only improve the efficiency but also suitable for the following products: the box scoring is not straight which is hard to work on the auto folding gluer, the special irregular box and the box with the window etc.

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Semi-Auto Stitcher

semi auto stitcher


  1. A dual-purpose machine for single forming carton, double forming carton, irregular carton.
  2. The size is full electrically controlled and it can be changed the size in 2-3 min.
  3. The strengthened, single, double, nailing can be finished in a lump.
  4. Auto counting, after stacked, it will be auto packing.
  5. Available for large carton, and nail-feeding is high speed and high efficiency.
  6. Nailing from is free adjustable between 30-120 mm, set by computer.
  7. It can do special box without cover.

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Waste Stripping Machine

Waste Stripping Machine

Main Features:

This machine is mainly used for clean scrap after die-cutting processing, it reduce waste and efficiency and perfect craft.

It is attached with track and easy to move so that separate and combine from die-cutting machine, it gives enough space for forward machine to adjust and maintain and continues working.

This machine adopts deceleration control, main motor power is 3.0kw. You can choose side-output system, its motor is 0.4kw.

Side-output is special design for strip machine to reduce time and labor waste when clean scrap, measure up save time and labor and keep healthy.

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Full Auto Die-Cutting Machine

Auto die cutting machine

Uses and Features:
1. It adopts PLC controls, Perfect protection function, Reliable control.2. LCD touch screen can make the human and machine talk directly.
3. Soft roller repair structure, It can improve rubber using rate, It can repair 3-4 times.
4. Compensate automatically with limited speed and ensure the size of die-cutting is consistent.
5. The die-cutting roller is alloy steel in high quality, Wall thickness is 30mm, Balanced correction and hard chrome.
6. Wall plate is excellent cast iron, Thickness is 50mm, It is made by large processing center.
7. The polyurethane rubber pad is from American CUE, Install conveniently, It can die-cutting 12000000 times.
8. Soft roller can be moved right and left 40mm automatically, rubber wore is even.
9. Six grades is excellent grinding, It adopts 40Cr material low noise and long using life.
10 Die-cutting roller is with auto separate device and reduce rubber wearing.

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