Flexo printing machine

flexo printing machineflexo printing

Flexo Printing Machine with rotary slotting / die cutting machine which increased the efficiency of the corrugated box plant by decreasing the number of operation required to make corrugated box. In conventional plant, the printing, rotary and slotting operating are done separately but in this machine all the operation are done simultaneously.

The Machine is available in various size, speed and printing quality and can be supplied according to requirement of customers. User can provide the samples to be printed and we can suggest the right machine.

Printing Rotary Die-Cutting With Slotting Machine.
This machine is used for the printing and Carton making operation together. This machine is available in single / two / there and four color versions. One can opt of no of color depending upon need. The machine has option to choose, slotting unit, die cutting unit or bit units. All units are placed on track where they can be moved electrically for easy job change in machine. In the nutshell both printing and box making operations are done simultaneously leading to cost saving and better quality product.

Used and characteristics:
1. Semi-automatic chain-feeding paper, double side check plate positioning, ensure accuracy of feeding and printing.
2. CAD modular design can be arbitrable combination, single, double and multiple color.
3. Motorized detachment and combination, pneumatic locking and loosening, alarm and lamp promotion can improve safety of operation.
4. The inker roller automatically break away from printing plate to protect printing surface in case of machine shutdown.
5. Spontaneous-suction ink device can control alone auto idling circulation of reticulate roll to prevent ink from being dried with auto cleaning.
6. All the rolls and shafts are hard-chrome plated.
7. The printing plate adopt plate-hanging devices, which can be adjusted quickly in axial direction to make pasting easier and time & labor saving.
8. Slotting part of printing adopt quick phasing 360* regulation, digital display, the slotting part is electrical phase adjustment to improve efficiency.
9. Automatic counting device are adopted which can control the production.
10. The knife for slotting and slicing corner are specially designed and processed with long life service.

For sales and general questions Contact:
Email: Sales@cosmotech.in
Phone. +919419101502

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