Double Roller-Single Facer Machine

double roller single facer machine - cosmo shuoqi

Main Features:

  • Design speed: 180m/min.
  • Economic speed: 140m/min.
  • Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm.
  • Main roller: 380mm (different roller type), Pressure roller: 385mm, Pre-heating roller: 400mm.
  • There are two groups of corrugated rollers on machine, when working you can choose one of them, the other one is to pre-heat to change corrugated type.
  • It takes small space (other machine like this machine need two single facer machine and take large space).
  • This machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen show the data and easy operation.
  • Vacuum adsorption single facer machine, upper and lower roller adopts excellent alloy steel by heat processing, hardness is HRC580 – 600, surface is grinding and hard chrome plating or adopts Tungsten Carbon Corrugated Roll.
  • Independent driving box 5 shafts transmission. Hard gear, low noise, working stable and the gear has long life.
  • The gluing thickness is adjusted by push rod electrically.
  • Corrugated roller and pressure roller lift lower and upper by hydraulic control, stable working pressure.
  • Corrugated paper be with wet device by steam adjust.
  • This machine is suitable for single facer production line (with two type corrugated roller) if 5-ply production line adopts two SF-380T, it equals 4 corrugated rollers and it has big market competition.
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