Pressing type Folding Gluing Machine

Pressing type folding gluing machine

Function and Special features

The pressing type folder gluer is a new product developed according to the client small and medium order. It is small and easy in operation so that it is an ideal product for the small quantity production and order changes.

It is applicable to a wide range of boxes like the normal type box or the irregular color single sheet forming box. It saves the glue which consumption is only 1/3 of the manual gluing. It saves the labors as well. It is max speed is 56m/m which is 3-4 times faster then the manual operation. It is strong in pasting and is neat without glue overflowing. The patent double head polishing instrument will remove the UV optical film or the coated plaster layer of the gluing place so that it may make the gluing stronger and prevent the boxes from opening in some seasons.

It adopts the manual folding which not only improve the efficiency but also suitable for the following products: the box scoring is not straight which is hard to work on the auto folding gluer, the special irregular box and the box with the window etc.

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