Full Auto Die-Cutting Machine

Auto die cutting machine

Uses and Features:
1. It adopts PLC controls, Perfect protection function, Reliable control.2. LCD touch screen can make the human and machine talk directly.
3. Soft roller repair structure, It can improve rubber using rate, It can repair 3-4 times.
4. Compensate automatically with limited speed and ensure the size of die-cutting is consistent.
5. The die-cutting roller is alloy steel in high quality, Wall thickness is 30mm, Balanced correction and hard chrome.
6. Wall plate is excellent cast iron, Thickness is 50mm, It is made by large processing center.
7. The polyurethane rubber pad is from American CUE, Install conveniently, It can die-cutting 12000000 times.
8. Soft roller can be moved right and left 40mm automatically, rubber wore is even.
9. Six grades is excellent grinding, It adopts 40Cr material low noise and long using life.
10 Die-cutting roller is with auto separate device and reduce rubber wearing.

For sales and general questions Contact Us:
Email: Sales@cosmotech.in
Phone. +919419101502


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