Rotary Slotting Machine

Rotary Slotting Machine.

Main Features:

1. It adopts press line in ahead and slotting in behind, it is convenient to clean scraps of paper and adjust and change fast.

2. Phase adjustment electrically, it is adjusted 360 degree digitally and it show on the dial, it is adjustable when working and stop and improve working efficiency.

3. Slotting and Cutting part:
a. The adjustment for knife seat of slotting before the cardboard go in the knife seat, to make sure the axial distance between knife seat.

b. Install the slotting and cutting knife. To make the cutter head, consistently, it has two knifes on the cutter head, one is fixed on sign “0”, the other to adjust axial position as to box height, the head of the blade need to be opposite and towards center of cardboard

c. Install cutting knife. The knife seat is installed on the cutter head. First, open the fixed bolt, adjust driving shaft manually, check knife installation is suitable or not, finally fixed bolt.

4. Cutting and creasing part. Cutting knife and creasing module is installed on the upper and lower shaft, to make sure the distance and position as to cardboard specification and then fix knife seat and the iron wire on the module.

5. Counter device automatically and can control production amount.

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