Creasing and Die Cutting Machine

Creasing & die cutting machine

Main Features:
1. Sliding bearing are made of high quality alloy cooper, thus to get effect of anti-friction and shake reducing.
2. Flywheel is with big moment and large pressure.
3. Body adopts excellent material and whole casting, high strength and good rigidity.
4. Single piece electromagnetic clutch, quick action and reliable.
5. With single piece pressing and continuous cutting and delay time, time-delaying is adjustable.
6. Easy operation and reasonable design and pressing frame opening angle is large.
7. Concentrate lubrication system to ensure good lubrication and reduce damage.
8. Safety system is reliable.
9. Electric system is CE designed.

Creasing and cutting machine is suitable for sheet, corrugated cardboard and plastic and leather. It is widely use in printing, packing, decoration and plastic. Kaixin product sell well at home and aboard because of good performance and high quality and good service.

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