Semi automatic folder gluer

Semi Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

Uses and Features:
It suitable to paste for all kinds of sheets and corrugated cardboard with easy operation and no need experience, be fast to change carton height and width within 1 min, Min. Pasting size is 260mm, it is perfect machine for carton factory.

Semi Automatic Folder Gluer

Main Structures:
This machine consists of main frame and 2 feeding frame.
Main frame: machine frame, lift working table. Feeding device and correction device in ahead, feeding device and pressure device in middle, output device and electrical equipment control device in side.

This machine of electrical equipment is imported, Siemens electric, OMRON photoelectric switch, the counter from Japan Dongqi, mains switch from Taiwan Mingwei, gluing head adopts alloy steel, acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, long use life, motor is from Taiwan Shengbang but fan and lift motor.

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