Semi-Auto Laminating Machine

semi automatic laminating machine - cosmo shuoqiThis machine is used to make three ply corrugated board by pasting (laminating) two ply corrugated sheet with liner paper. In this machine the liner paper is fed manually while the two ply corrugated sheet is fed automatically to the machine which leads to better production efficiency then the manual pasting machine. The machine is equipped auto glue circulation system. Only the desired medium quantity of the glue is applied on the tips of flutes. The three ply board passes immediately under the pressing belts which ensured the perfect bonding of the flutes with the liner paper.

Main Features:

  • The machine adopt bottom paper vacuum style feeding upper paper manual feeding, easy operation, feeding accurate, bottom and upper paper adopt photoelectric control, special front gauge fix position, bottom paper never go ahead.
  • This machine pressure part adopt suspension lamination style, make the board uniform stress, steady feeding, let the board beautiful and smooth, stress belt can move front and behind, can be suitable for many kind of paperboard.
  • All the machine main parts imported the famous domestic and overseas original products. Long life and steady.

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