Slotting Knife


1>Do I need to send drawing at the time of order.
Yes, you need to email us drawing at the time of order.
2> What should I do if I don’t have drawing..
You can do following
a. You can send the sample of knife.
b.You can request us to send our engineer to your factory to make drawings. We will provide you drawing number. you can refer the drawing no when you order next time.
3>Do I need to pay salary to your engineer
No, You don’t need to pay any salary to our engineer. You just need to provide him train ticket cost , local accommodation and food. We will refund 100% of amount paid by you for tickets when you order first time.
4> Do I am liable to order you if I request to send your engineer for making drawing.
No, You are not liable to order us . You can order after you are fully satisfied.
5>How much time it will take to make drawing:
Approximate 30-60 minutes
6>How You will quote us.
After we finalise drawing we will send you quote immediately.
7> What regarding quality control
We test every consignment hardness before dispatch.
8> What is delivery time.
Normally 20 days after confirmation of order
9> What about the payment terms
100% before dispatch.
Contact Us:
Call Us: +919419101502


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